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cat: (concatenate): to link together

cat filetodisplay.txt

head and tail command:

view lines from beginning or end of a file.

the -n option can be used to allocate how many lines of text you want to be shown

head -n5 filetobedisplayed.txt (5 lines of text) first 5

tail -n7 filetobedisplayed.txt (7 lines of text) last 7

Joseph wojcicki


Paginates text and provides navigation controls

navigate forward or backwards with "f" and "b" keys

Joseph wojcicki
press (h) for help to learn more of the commands available.
Joseph wojcicki

awk Command: Sed Command: used to programattically manipulate text in streams or files.

Joseph wojcicki

Vim: powerful and flexible command line text editor.

Joseph wojcicki
Nano: lightweight text modification tool
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