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User, Group, Others

User: owner of file

Group: group that owns file

Others: All other users not part of group that owns file.

RWX = Read Write Execute

Read: See contents of file but not modify it

Write: someone can make file changes but not read contents

Execute: someone can run file

use chmod to change permissions of a file

Joseph wojcicki

you can change permissions using the chmod command: chmod midifys file bits.

done on 2 ways

Octal: Uses 3 values to represent read write and execute


Symbolic: Uses shorthand for user group others

In Octal read write and execute are each assigned a different value. 4,2, and 1 read (4) write (2) execute (1)

You can represent various states of these values with just 1 digit. if a user can read write and execute that comes out to 7

symbolic file permissions

user represented by (u)

group (g)

others (o)

all (a)

+- adds permission

- removes permission

= adds permission but removes aothers

Joseph wojcicki
777 is the same as saying a + rwx
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